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Health Care Professionals recommend Hedia

“I’m a clinical dietitian who works at Hvidovre Hospital. As a health care professional, I use approved CE-marked apps in Denmark.

Hedia’s app is significant for patients who do a lot of exercise.

In general, the insulin calculator is a great help for many patients in their everyday life as it helps them manage when insulin and carbs have been ingested. It also has the very important advantage that it accounts for active insulin.

As a health care professional, it is a central tool for evaluating tendencies and set specific and realistic goals based on the specific patient.”

Adelaide Elise Linddal, clinical dietitian at Hvidovre Hospital

“I often use Hedia’s app with my patients. For my type 2 patients it is great, because it connects to blood sugar monitoring devices and gives a great overview of the blood sugar measurements.

Some of my type 2 patients, who also take insulin, benefits a lot when using Hedia’s insulin calculator to meals.

My type 1 patients is really fond of Hedia. Both because they get a proposal on how much insulin to take according to the carbs they eat and because the food database has a giant “food library.” The patients easily can check their food intake and then get their carbs calculated.

The app helps me a lot during work. It is easy for my patients to navigate and it has exactly the features a person with diabetes needs! ”

Simone Trillingsgaard, diabetes nurse at Steno Diabetes Center Zealand.

diabetes app CE certificate
Safety and approvals

We value our users safety. Our insulin recommendation calculator is approved by European Conformity Conformité Européene

simple design for our app
Simple, intuitive design

Having diabetes shouldn’t be hard, and that is why we have developed an app with a simple and intuitive design.

How our diabetes app works

1) Transfer your blood glucose wirelessly to Hedia through multiple devices

You can now transfer your blood glucose measurements wirelessly to Hedia from your blood glucose meter via NFC or Bluetooth. Hedia supports the following devices; GlucoMen Areo, Areo2k and CONTOUR® NEXT ONE.

Beurer GL50 evo & NovoPen Echo
diabetes app connecting to contour
food database and our diabetes app
2) Get more accurate calculations with our food database

Enjoy the food database with more than 1500 food items – all validated by a nutrition expert.

With Hedia’s food database you can easily choose foods or add your own dish. Hedia’s food database can recognize patterns in your eating habits and help you assess the amount of carbohydrates in your meal.

Once Hedia has calculated the amount of carbs in your meal, and you’ve measured your current blood glucose levels, you’ll get a suggested insulin dosage. 

Learn more about our carb calculator and diabetes

3) We take your physical activity into account

At Hedia we know that physical activity affects your blood glucose. Hedia makes it possible to enter physical activity and help you take it into account in your  calculation.

activity log in our app
insulin recommendation in our app for diabetics

4) We recommend an insulin dosage based on your input

With Hedia it is quick and easy to enter your data and get a suggested insulin dosage. Hedia calculates your suggested dosage using your carbohydrate/insulin ratio and your insulin sensitivity. Hedia remembers your last dosage entered into the app and will be able to tell you how much active insulin is left in your body when you enter your current data. 

Get to know our insulin calculator.

Hedia has been developed in collaboration between developers, healthcare professionals and people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

We are always on the lookout for talented people
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the purpose of the app

The purpose of our diabetes app

What we want you to achieve
1. More time-in-range

The key to managing your diabetes is to have as much time-in-range as possible.

But this task can be really tough to master. It takes patience and it can be hard work.

Having spikes and drops in your blood sugar levels can feel like riding a crazy roller coaster.

We aim to get you more time-in-range and minimize the roller coaster rides.

2. Fewer worries

We want you to have fewer worries. To declutter your mind from all the chaotic thoughts that having diabetes can cause.

With our diabetes tracker, we strive for lifting some of the burden from your shoulders.

Hedia is based on the typical pain points that people with diabetes can have in everyday life: having difficulties with assessing the carbs in your meals, calculating an accurate insulin dosage and keeping track of carb intake, active insulin, exercise, and time in range.

Find out how all this can be decluttered with our diabetes dashboard.

3. Better control of your diabetes

Whether you have type 1 or 2, diabetes can be all-consuming. Controlling your diabetes is a daily challenge. Luckily the effort is worth it.

With Hedia’s diabetes logbook you can keep track of the most important data managing your diabetes, the carb and insulin calculators help you to get your dosage right – and you get reminders when you need to regulate your blood sugar.

So let’s take control of your diabetes together.

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The team behind Hedia

CEO Peter Lucas, Hedia

Peter Lucas


Christina, CMO and nurse, Hedia

Christina Kildentoft


Andreas, head of design, Hedia diabetes app

Andreas Jespensgaard


Henrik Guldbergsen, CSO, Hedia

Henrik Rindel Guldbergsen


Valentin Lubbe, head of operations, hedia diabetes app

Valentin Lubbe


Niklas Gundlev

Niklas Stokkebro Gundlev

Head of Mobile

Astrid, head of data science

Astrid K. Knudsen

Head of Data Science

Jonas Meinertz, hedia, machine learning engineer

Jonas Meinertz Hansen

Machine Learning Engineer

William Pfaffe, developer

William Pfaffe

Full Stack Developer

Chris rosendorf, developer, hedia

Chris Rosendorf

Full Stack Developer

Sidse Gadegaard, health consultant, hedia

Sidse Gadegaard Nielsen

Nutrition And Health Consultant

dennis olsen, QA specialist

Dennis Olsen

QA/RA Specialist

Daniel gonzalez, software developer

Daniel Morales González

Software Developer

Anna tofte rasmussen, health consultant, hedia diabetes app

Anna Tofte Rasmussen

Health Consultant

Signe Knutzen, marketer, Hedia diabetes app

Signe Knutzen

Growth Marketer

janus nielsen

Janus Nielsen

App Optimisation Specialist

Cosmin-madalin stan, react native developer, hedia

Cosmin-Madalin Stan

Junior React Native Developer

Mads Jakobsen, data scientist, diabetes app

Mads Obdrup Jakobsen

Data Scientist

Flynn faithfull, Hedia, diabetes app

Flynn Faithfull

Content Writer

Louise larsson, health tech associate

Louise Berg Larsson

Health Tech Associate & Customer Support

Risiana Levie

Growth Marketer

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