How our diabetes app works

1) Transfer your blood glucose wirelessly to Hedia through multiple devices

You can now transfer your blood glucose measurements wirelessly to Hedia from your blood glucose meter via NFC or Bluetooth. Hedia supports the following devices: 

  • GlucoMen Areo
  • Areo2k
  • Keto-Mojo GKI
  • Beurer GL49
  • I-Sens CareSens Dual and CareSens N Premier
2) Get more accurate calculations with our food database

Enjoy the food database with more than 1500 food items – all validated by a nutrition expert.

With Hedia’s food database you can easily choose foods or add your own dish. Hedia’s food database can recognise patterns in your eating habits and help you assess the amount of carbohydrates in your meal.

Once Hedia has calculated the amount of carbs in your meal and you’ve measured your current blood glucose levels, you’ll get a suggested insulin dosage. 

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3) We take your physical activity into account

At Hedia, we know that physical activity affects your blood glucose. Hedia makes it possible to enter physical activity and helps you take it into account in your calculation.

4) We recommend an insulin dosage based on your input

With Hedia, it is quick and easy to enter your data and get a suggested insulin dosage. Hedia calculates your suggested dosage using your carbohydrate/insulin ratio and your insulin sensitivity. Hedia remembers your last dosage entered into the app and will be able to tell you how much active insulin is left in your body when you enter your current data. 

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Additional features

Keep track of your current blood sugar levels


Keep track of the most important data for managing your diabetes.


Export your logbook data as a PDF and send to your healthcare professional.


Set your favourite food items in the food database for quick access.


Get notifications when it’s time to remeasure your blood sugar.

Hedia is free to download. Try it out today!