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What’s in it for you?

With Hedia’s online certification, you will be fully equipped to: understand the value that Hedia creates; know how Hedia’s diabetes assistant connects with other devices; and be able to help people with diabetes in a new way.

With this easy-to-follow online course, you can become an exclusive Hedia Advisor whenever and wherever you want.

The course is helpful to diabetes nurses, other healthcare professionals working with diabetes, and managers in companies that work with diabetes.

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This is what you will achieve

Become a Certified Hedia Advisor (in just few days!)

Strengthen your competencies with technological health solutions

Get exclusive access to Hedia’s knowledge database

Get a professional understanding of Hedia’s digital diabetes assistant

The process

To become a Certified Hedia Advisor you must pass 8 different modules which contain short slideshow presentations and a related quiz.

The slideshows and related quizzes take between 10-20 minutes to complete and you can take them whenever you want so that they will fit your individual workflow.

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Get your certificate and tell the world

Once you have passed all 8 modules, you will receive your new Hedia Advisor certificate that you can present online on LinkedIn or on other social media. You will also receive a Hedia Advisor logo for you to attach to your organization’s website or your own website.

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Want exclusive access to knowledge?

As a Certified Hedia Advisor, you will get exclusive access to much material that you can use in your daily work through the Hedia Knowledge database.

This includes:

Product presentations

Printable guides for conferences and meetings

Graphic material about Hedia’s diabetes assistant

“How-to” material

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    This is what our participants say!

    “I often use Hedia’s app with my patients. For my type 2 patients it is great, because it connects to blood sugar monitoring devices and gives a great overview of the blood sugar measurements.

    Some of my type 2 patients, who also take insulin, benefit a lot when using Hedia’s insulin calculator to meals.

    My type 1 patients are really fond of Hedia. Both because they get a proposal on how much insulin to take according to the carbs they eat and because the food database has a giant “food library.” The patients can easily check their food intake and then get their carbs calculated.

    The app helps me a lot in during work. It is easy for my patients to navigate and it has exactly the features a person with diabetes needs! ”

    Simone Trillingsgaard, diabetes nurse at Steno Diabetes Center Zealand.

    “As Chief Physician I have instructed all my medical staff to introduce Hedia’s app to people with diabetes. I have taken Hedia’s online certification course to get familiar with the app and I am very glad that my health care professionals instruct patients to use Hedia.”

    – Malene Boas, Chief Physician, Herlev Hospital

    “I’m a clinical dietitian who works at Hvidovre Hospital. As a health care professional, I use approved CE-marked apps in Denmark.

    Hedia’s app is significant for patients who do a lot of exercise.

    In general, the insulin calculator is a great help for many patients in their everyday life as it helps them manage when insulin and carbs have been ingested. It also has the very important advantage that it accounts for active insulin.

    As a health care professional, it is a central tool for evaluating tendencies and set specific and realistic goals based on the specific patient.”

    Adelaide Elise Linddal, clinical dietitian at Hvidovre Hospital

    Hedia as a medical device software
    Hedia is a medical device software registered in the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen). Hedia has a CE-certification mark stating conformity with the EU directive for medical devices sold within the EU.

    Read our user manual here to learn more about how to use Hedia.