Diabetes Tracker

Find everything you need for tracking your diabetes, all in one place. With Hedia, you’ll see: a current overview of your diabetes, what your diabetes is doing, and your past data.

Having all these details in one place will give you a greater peace of mind, giving you control of your diabetes, instead of your diabetes controlling you!

No more rummaging around through pages in notebooks and getting your head round all the numbers – with one tap, go to the dashboard or logbook and find what you’re looking for. 

diabetes tracker
Diabetes tracking

We know that seeing your diabetes as a whole isn’t easy – especially in situations when you want to just eat or exercise without thinking about the numbers too much.

Hedia’s diabetes tracker makes that overall visualisation just that little bit simpler. This also gives you a clearer idea of what you and your diabetes doctor can talk about.

diabetes tracker app

Hedia’s diabetes tracker makes it easier by giving you:

✔ Smooth and simple data entry
✔ Insulin and carb calculator
✔ Food database with more than 1500 food items
✔ Logbook you can search and add to
✔ Tracking exercise, including the type of exercise
✔ Clear active insulin overview
✔ Blood sugar overview with graph

diabetes overview
How to use your Diabetes Tracker

Current Overview of your Diabetes

Find your way home to Hedia – literally, find the home icon. This is the way to the dashboard; it’s like the “front page” of the app.

At the top, you’ll see:

✔ Active Insulin: the estimated amount of insulin currently active in your body, which includes insulin taken for a meal, or as a correction (the bolus)

✔ Average BG (Blood Glucose/Blood Sugar): over a period of time, Hedia uses previous blood glucose entries to calculate your average blood glucose

✔ Time-in-range: like the average BG, Hedia calculates this over the same period of time. Namely, a minimum of 28 calculations over a maximum of 14 days. The time-in-range is the percentage of time that your blood glucose levels are within your target blood glucose values


At the centre of the screen, you’ll also find a graph which tracks your blood sugar levels over time. So, if you’re tired of the numbers, you can see how your blood sugar is going in a more visual way.

Hedia lets you spend less time worrying about how your diabetes management is going – you can just see it all, as the first thing when you open up Hedia.


What your Diabetes is currently up to

To see what your diabetes is doing, just update Hedia with your data whenever you want. One way to do this is by asking Hedia to calculate your insulin. Just press the “+” button at the bottom of the screen.


diabetes tracker

Enter your current blood sugar level – or connect to a device, to sync your blood glucose reader with Hedia.

Then, tell Hedia the carbs you will have – or use the food database, and Hedia will have the carb numbers for you.

diabetes tracker step 2
diabetes tracker exercise

You can also enter your activity: how many minutes, level of intensity, and the kind of exercise.

Now, you will be given a recommended insulin dosage or carb intake, and you can transfer those numbers to the logbook.

Alternatively, you can go directly to your logbook and make changes there.

Past Entries

To find your previous entries in the logbook, select the clock icon. Everything – from the data you first entered, to your entry from seconds ago – can be found here.

This is presented in columns. The different columns show:

✔ The time the entry was made

✔ Blood glucose level

✔ Grams of carbs

✔ How many minutes of activity done

✔ Units of insulin taken

✔ The option to edit your entry. This will show you a summary of that entry, where you can tap on the numbers to change them

You can also search for entries in the logbook, as well as add new entries.

Did you just remember a snack you had a few days ago that you want in your records? Then press the “+” at the top right of the logbook. Your diabetes tracker is easy peasy.

Want something on file or on paper? Then select “Reports” and get a PDF version of your logbook, ready for printing.

So, Hedia takes care of the nitty-gritty – and turns it all into clear and helpful entries as a diabetes tracker – while you take care of you.

What Hedia Calculates
what tracker calculates

All areas of diabetes management

Interested in knowing what info your diabetes assistant uses?

To get those calculations right for you, Hedia takes all areas of diabetes management into account. This means that all of the following can be tracked and recorded at the same time:

✔ Blood glucose levels
✔ Blood glucose time-in-range
✔ Carb intake
✔ Insulin injections
✔ Exercise

Getting to know you
Hedia knows that these calculations are specifically for you because Hedia asks you some important questions when you first get started and create your personal user:

✔ Do you inject insulin manually with a pen, or does a pump give you insulin?

✔ Do you measure blood glucose with the UK and international standard – mmol/L – or the US and European standard – mg/dL?

✔ What kind of insulin do you use? This is optional, but it’s still interesting to know!

✔ What’s your insulin-to-carb ratio? In other words, how much insulin displaces a certain number of carbs. Your doctor will usually help you find this – or use the 500-rule.

✔ What’s your insulin sensitivity factor? Essentially, how much insulin lowers a certain amount of blood sugar. Again, your doctor will help you find this – or use the 1800-rule or 100-rule.

Questions? Want to know more about how Hedia can help you?

We are here to help you!

Hedia has a team of nutrition experts, nurses, machine learners and our amazing developers ready to answer all your questions at support@hedia.co, or fill out the contact form.

You’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

    CE certificate

    Hedia as a medical device software
    Hedia is a medical device software registered in the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen). Hedia has a CE-certification mark stating conformity with the EU directive for medical devices sold within the EU.

    Read our user manual here to learn more about how to use Hedia.