How to connect and use CONTOUR® NEXT ONE in Hedia via Bluetooth

infoscreen contour

Get guided through the process

1. Begin by checking that Bluetooth is activated on your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE blood glucose monitor and on your telephone.

2. Check that the time on your blood glucose monitor matches the time on your phone. If they do not match, set the time on your blood glucose monitor.

3.  Now perform a new, up-to-date blood glucose reading.

4.  Now set your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE to pairing mode.

a) Turn off your blood glucose monitor.

b) Hold down the ‘OK’ button until your monitor flashes blue from the test strip port.

c) The display on your monitor will now show a flashing Bluetooth icon and the unit serial number is displayed.

d) Your blood glucose monitor is now ready to connect with Hedia.

5.  Open Hedia

6. Press the + button on the dashboard (front).

7. Press ‘Connect a blood glucose monitor’ to start entering settings.

contour next one syncing

8. A list of supported units is displayed – press on CONTOUR® NEXT ONE.

connect device contour next one and hedia

9. An info screen pops up – press ‘Connect and synchronise’ to pair the unit.

infoscreen contour

10. An input screen is displayed while Hedia searches for your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE monitor.

 Android phone

a. Press Connect on your phone.

b. Press OK to Bluetooth pairing.

c. Turn your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE off and on again.

d. Press Connect.

 Apple phone

a. Press Connect on your phone.

b. Press Pair on Bluetooth pairing message

connecting on android

11. Your most recent blood glucose reading will now be transferred from your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE monitor to Hedia.

12. Your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE monitor is now your standard blood glucose monitor in Hedia and will automatically synchronise when pressing the button ‘Sync with device’.

contour next one

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