The team behind Hedia

CEO Peter Lucas, Hedia

Peter Lucas


Christina, CMO and nurse, Hedia

Christina Kildentoft


Andreas, head of design, Hedia diabetes app

Andreas Jespensgaard


Henrik Guldbergsen, CSO, Hedia

Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen


Valentin Lubbe, head of operations, hedia diabetes app

Valentin Lubbe


Niklas Gundlev

Niklas Stokkebro Gundlev


Astrid, head of data science

Astrid K. Knudsen

Head of Data Science

Jonas Meinertz, hedia, machine learning engineer

Jonas Meinertz Hansen

Machine Learning Engineer

William Pfaffe, developer

William Pfaffe

Senior Full Stack Developer

Chris rosendorf, developer, hedia

Chris Rosendorf

Senior Full Stack Developer

Sidse Gadegaard, health consultant, hedia

Sidse Gadegaard Nielsen

Nutrition And Health Consultant

dennis olsen, QA specialist

Dennis Olsen

QA/RA Specialist & DPO

Daniel gonzalez, software developer

Daniel Morales González

Software Developer

Anna tofte rasmussen, health consultant, hedia diabetes app

Anna Tofte Rasmussen

Health Consultant

Signe Knutzen, marketer, Hedia diabetes app

Signe Knutzen

Growth Marketer

janus nielsen

Janus Nielsen

App Optimisation Specialist

Cosmin-madalin stan, react native developer, hedia

Cosmin-Madalin Stan

Software Developer

Mads Jakobsen, data scientist, diabetes app

Mads Obdrup Jakobsen

Data Scientist

Flynn faithfull, Hedia, diabetes app

Flynn Faithfull

Content Writer

Louise larsson, health tech associate

Louise Berg Larsson

Health Tech Associate & Customer Support

Risiana Levie

Growth Marketer

Pil Schack Bisbjerg

Medical Specialist

Tom Quaife

UK Certification Specialist

Benjamin Suhr

Head of Commercial

Gabriele Maciunaite

Project Manager

Hedia has been developed in collaboration between developers, healthcare professionals and people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

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